Whether an established professional affiliate or just someone with a Premier League related blog, fanzine, website or social media following with no experience of affiliate programs, our program has something for you.

6 very good reasons to sign up to the Premiercaraccessories.com Affiliate Program:


We are the leading distributor of official Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United FC home and car products not available in any shop, including the exclusive Limited Edition Seat Cover Collections


We pay from 10% and up to a whopping 20% commission on sales - no other retailers (especially official Club stores) offer this kind of commission


It's free and easy to sign up. Our Affiliate program is managed by Paid On Results Ltd., one of the biggest Affiliate Program managers around


The sales are tracked by Paid On Results (not us) so you can be sure of getting paid (within 3 days of a sale going through)


All the tools you need to advertise our products are immediately available after you sign up, including discount voucher codes, banners, images, tracking code, real time reports and more


Our conversion rate is 3% and our average order price is £51 - you do the math!


Sign up for the Premier Car Accessories Affiliate Program here: 



Still not sure or confused? This is how it works:

1. Sign up to our Affiliate Program by clicking on the link above, and follow the instructions to register. This will include setting up your conversion code which will track all converted clicks (i.e. salesthrough to our site from yours,

2. Post content, such as banners, text, products etc (all available as soon as you sign up) on your website blog, fanzine, Emails, FB, Twitter etc. 

3. Wait for the commissions to come in (within 3 days of a sale). 

It really is that simple!